Hey! I'm Kristin owner of Shop Kristin Jones! I'm a wife, mother of two sweet boys, and owning a shop has been a lifelong dream of mine.

SKJ is a curated lifestyle brand to empower women in every season of their life. I started SKJ in 2020 designing crewnecks and tees to inspire women to create a life they love. Owning a shop has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. I remember walking into the small boutiques in our hometown with my mom and her and I would find those unique pieces that would just elevate our wardrobe in the slightest ways. Things you couldn't find at Target or even your local mall. They were those pieces you knew you'd keep forever.

Since becoming a mother that desire and almost need for starting a shop became stronger. The one thing that gets taken from us when we become a Mother is time. We're constantly looking for the how-to get ready faster hacks, dry shampoo becomes our best friend, we don't have the time to look online or shop in-store because let's be real, who wants to bring in a baby or toddler into a shop when trying on clothes? There's only so much time Cocomelon or Micky Mouse Clubhouse can buy us in those fitting rooms. So that's why I started SKJ I wanted to create a one-stop-shop where we could solve this problem for moms. I've handpicked and curated pieces that will help you to get ready faster and easier. They're pieces that fit just right, that make you feel comfortable and confident in this season of life. They're your perfect everyday basics but just elevated so you know you're wearing something unique and stylish.

I also want you to know this is me, Kristin behind here. I'm ready to help answer any fit, styling, or sizing questions! I do tons of try-on's over on my Instagram Shop page and my Personal Page. So make sure you're following along for new collection drops and all the lifestyle tips!

I’m truly so grateful here! I hope you find a little something today that makes you feel your best! - xo Kristin